Inspirational Websites

  Pin images from these sites (and others) to your 'Pinterest' boards to build your own collections of inspirational images, organised by genre/style.

Genres   Styles

Still Life
City & Architecture
Movement - water, street light

Week 1 - Trips Week Assignment

The first assignment is to capture some great images during trips weeks. You're going to different places and many of you will be experiencing a new environment with new people, perhaps even a different culture. The landscape and buildings may also be very different. But don't forget to look at the small details too, close up on some interesting plants, paint peeling off a rusty door or repeating patterns. 

Try to be more creative than just taking smiley-mug-shots of your class mates - everyone else will be taking hundreds of those already!!

Look at some of the genres and styles listed above (if you think of more, add them to the list). 500px & Flickr have great example of these images.

Choose your 10 best shots - Upload to your Picasa gallery - Link the 'slideshow' in this table

Li Ting- Malaysia    Giang- Trips weekGiang-Home    Trang    name
 Syon    name    Jannie    name
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