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How to use Google Docs and link your work to the class project page in this website...If you don't follow these steps we can't read or comment on your great work.

Step 1
  • Sign in to
  • Click
    and select From template

Step 2
  • Find the  Art research template
  • Click Use this template

Step 3
  • Hover over the blue Share button and you will see that only you can access this document.
  • Click


Step 4
  • Under 'Who has access' select Change...
  • Change the settings to match the ones shown here
      Public on the web
    2. Can Comment
  • Then click


Step 5
  • The next screen shows you a Link to share
  • Copy this link
  • Click

Step 6
  • Go to your class project page on the Art site
  • Click edit
  • Click inside the next available box alongside your name
  • Then click the Link button


Step 7
  • Select Web address on the left
  • Paste the Document link into the box underneath Link to this URL:
  • Type the name of the artist underneath Text to display:
  • Click
  • Click (you may have to scroll top-right)

Now go back to your Doc and complete the research task