Here are some terms collected by 7b to describe the seven basic formal elements of artwork. Use these to help describe the paintings for your research projects.

edge, hatching, straight, curved, bold, diagonal, thick, ruled, horizontal, thin, straight, zigzag, vertical, perpendicular, sketch, draw, wavy, long, vertical, horizontal, parallel, short, infinite length, parallel, length, weight, across, continuous, serpentine, oblique, width, italic, discontinuous, pointy, thick, connecting, solid, wiggly, simple, endless, bent, cross hatching, sharp, borderline, outline


 Riley   Klee    Mondrian         

outline, silhouette, square, oval , width, triangle, round, area, polygon, irregular, regular, overlap, sides, length, thin, stretch, 2D, rectangle, circle, chunky,concave, angle, big, small, sphere, decagon, outline, parallelogram, rhombus, hexagon, cubism, shadow, octagon, blank, fractal, octagon, bold, thick, surface area, perimeter, pentagon, dodecagon, heptagon,perimeter, angle,

 Kandinsky   Miro    Dubuffet     Matisse

cuboid, depth, solid, pyramids, balance, mass, shell, frame, height, cylinders, structure, width, volume, perimeter, architecture, length, cube, strength, triangular prism, 3D, sphere, weight, outline, shadow, complicated, simple, dimensions, futuristic, hollow, bends and curves, organic, geometric, regular, irregular, prisms, cone, shell, frame, anatomy, model, perspective

 Serra   Moore    Escher    Brancusi 

light, gradient, muted, dark, colour schemes, brilliance, saturation, brightness, intensity, scale, mid tone, amount, faint, tonal value, contrast, lightness, high mid, low mid, creative, chromatic, depth, darkness, bold, pitch, difference, shade, shadow, mid, texture, shading, feeling, medium, shadow, density, sketch, white, black, spots, darkness, hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, sfumato


 Da Vinci   Seurat    Klee         

primary, secondary, vibrant, warm colours, cool colours, fashionable, bright, dull, strong, dark, dim, shade, chroma, complexion, dye, hot colours, neutral colours, hue, complimentary, rainbow, iridescent, natural, artificial, vivacious, multicoloured, diverse, brash, flaming, festive, light, dark, beautiful, makes you feel happy, shade, tone of colour, metallic, earthy red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, violet, turquoise, aqua, pink, ochre, brown, sepia,


 Rothko   Van Gogh     Colour Wheel    O'Keeffe    

silky, soft, weathered, furry, surface quality, smooth, rough, hard, feathery, rusty, bumpy, cross stitch, stitch, wet, roughness, smoothness, choppy, cragged, crazy, edged, gilt, patterned, slippery, tough, strong, crunched, dirtyness, vibrant, fine, sleek, glassy, hard, layers, dry, creative, tactile, 2D texture, shiny, leather, fabric, powerful


 Van Gogh        Seurat        

decorative, repeating, simple shapes, motif, scales, waves, tessellation, complicated, simple, detailed, symmetrical, mosaics, type, lively, stencil, template, markings, form, zig zags, triangles, arabesque, argyle, tartan, floral, gingham, arrangement, beautiful, lovely, accurate, continuous, discontinuous, copying, repeating, duplicate, formation, transformation, flowered, checked, matching, stripes, penrose tiling, triangular


 Morris       Escher